You were made for this
You were made for this
Every kid, every where for eternity
Every kid, every where for eternity
The best week of their lives
The best week of their lives
My favorite night of the week!
My favorite night of the week!


It's hard to believe that it was January of 2004 that we packed up and moved to France. So many changes have taken place in our lives, in France, and around the world! Perhaps the most surprising changes have been in our hearts.

Of course, we wouldn't have moved to Paris if we had not felt that God desired for us to serve Him here. But we moved with a sense of inadequacy and a strong feeling of discomfort at the drastic change of lifestyle that lay ahead of us. Now that we have lived in Paris for well over a year, we realize more than ever that all God wanted was our hearts to be committed to Him no matter what that would entail.

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What is Young Life in France?

Young Life in France is part of Young Life International, a division of Young Life. Young Life International serves the global community in four areas:

  • International Schools – Young Life International provides safe and wholesome activities for English-speaking teenagers that live in a culture other than their own.
  • National – Young Life International serves local teenagers and their families.
  • AMICUS – Young Life International offers a student exchange program that places teenagers from around the world with families in the United States.
  • MCYM – Young Life International provides program and activities for teenagers whose families are stationed on US military bases around the world.

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And in France?

Young Life staff and volunteers that live in France seek to serve in the International Schools and National communities. This includes activities like WyldLife, Young Life Club, Campaigners, and adventure activities such as paint ball, ropes courses, and movie nights.

Young Life in France also offers students opportunities to serve through Young Leaders Service Club, a French association. Students can serve locally through projects such as clothing drives, or internationally through the Young Life annual Service Project. In 2009, we are going to Macedonia!

Young Life in France is also taking applications for the AMICUS program.

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